World Environment Day
06 Jun

We at Vaastunaresh render our support towards protecting the Environment and nurturing the planet. We support this theme “connecting people to Nature’ as mentioned by Sh. Narinder Modi in his today’s address on World Environment Day.

To protect the environment is not the responsibility of system instead everyone have to join hands and put their best to protect the environment for the coming generation.  I am practicing in vaastu since last 20 years and always recommend people to make harmony with the environment. Vastu itself is a science based on Nature.

To what we called Nature is all about the natural elements like air, water, earth, fire, metal, wood…  for a happy and peaceful life, balance in all natural elements is must. If you see, the things are started getting worsen when the man started manipulating the natural resources. Not manipulation, a wise management is important.

The inhabitant of Harappan and Mohenjodaro were living prosperous and peaceful life. It has been judged with the researches that both the civilization was the finest example of Vaastu. They use the air, water, sunlight and other natural elements in such a scientific way that they got the tag of ‘Modern Civilizations’.

In fact Vastu can help us in living in harmony with the nature. And I think this is the best way to give our part to the theme ‘Connecting People to the Nature’

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