Nitish and Modi
31 Jul

Numbers plays vital role in life. They put you on throne, and even they are responsible for fall of the dynasties. Sushil Modi is now replacing Tejeshvi Yadav.
The question, local voters would like to ask, whether the combination of Nitish-Modi would help to give the state a stable government? They would also want to know are their numbers together lead the state towards development?
Nitish Kumar date of 1-3-1952. Number 1 represents Sun. The life giving energy. Sun is responsible for leadership qualities while number 3, which is governed by Jupiter, make the person intel actual. The above qualities can be seen in Nitish Kumar. The total number of his date of birth is 2 which represents Moon. The combination of Sun and Moon qualities gives him a rare strength. You can compare him with that frog who won the race with rabbit. The same can be seen in latest political development in the state.
On the other side Sushil Modi has a strong influence of planet Saturn. His date of birth is 5-1-1952. Except than these two 5, which are in the form of direct numbers in his DOB, if u calculate the addition of the total number of his DOB will be 5 again. These triple 5 represent strong influence of Saturn. A clash between Sun and Saturn can’t be denied. But again all will depends on the wits of Nitish Kumar who knows well how to win the race.

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