Vaastu Compliant
20 Sep

It is a common misconception that Vaastu does not apply on Flats/ Apartments.  People with such misconception give the reason that it is almost difficult to demolish the flat and change its basic structure to make it Vaastu compliant. To make any structure Vaastu compliant, it is not at all necessary to demolish it.

Another reason they give to not to opt for the Vaastu is architectural limitations.  Due to all this sometime they have to gone through huge losses. It is not that Vaastu can be applied only at the time of construction. Though, now a days, some of the builders gets the Vaastu advise, but this helps only in making the building vaastu friendly and help the owner I mean the Builder/developer to sell that building or apartments in that building.

It is most important that wherever you are residing either it is bungalow, house, floor or apartment, it has to be vaastu compliant as per the head of the family residing in that structure. It is necessary to be activated of some zones/directions in the house as per the people living there. If these zones are inactive or any Vaastu defects are there, it will surely restrict you to live a peaceful life.

Vaastu is not same for all. Its principals varied as per your DOB, nature of your business or job. General Vaastu practitioners neglect the 5 elements in our DOB. In such cases the house can be a vaastu compliant but it is not sure that this vaastu will help the people there to live a happy life. Vaastu is not restricted merely to decide the ideal directions and positions for Entrance, Kitchen, and Washroom etc. It has much more beyond this. Vaastu regulate our efforts. Ideal vaastu makes us active.

Vastu For Flat

It is very easy to make the flats/apartments Vaastu compliant. Even small remedies play vital role like ideal color scheme selection, decide the position of master bedroom as per DOB, to activate those elements which are weak in the 5 elements of DOB and property itself. Placing of mirror, paintings, pyramids and FengShui gadgets also are the parts of such remedies.

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