woman feel neglected
02 Apr

This has been experienced in many case studies that despite being educated, caring and responsible a woman feels neglected in her home. She doesn’t getting the regards she deserves.  And in many of such cases Vaastu defects found responsible for this.

West is the direction which has to be vaastu friendly to ensure respect for women in the family. Any vaastu defect in the west can lead to the compromises with the respects for the female members in the family. Here are some tips to avoid such situation-

  • Entrance of a West facing house must be in West.
  • Avoid red paint on the main door. Instead you can get it paint with white or grey. You can also use grey carpet at the entrance.
  • West should not be left open.
  • Slope of the Floor must be Vaastu compliant and West must not be raised.
  • Kitchen has to be in right direction.
  • Your date of birth is also play vital role to earn respect or disrespect for you. If number 7 is missing in your date of birth, you will not get the desired respect.
  • Use grey carpet and curtains in the west. This will help in decreasing the Vaastu defect to some extent.

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