Vastu Workshop
01 Aug

SW is Not Best For Constructing Building Structure.

You must have heard how SW direction is the best option for construction!  We explain how customised vaastu offers remedies according to specific details and date of birth of person since the 5 elements present in family head’s DOB will govern the house.  Mistakenly, people instead follow general vaastu principles of direction assuming few to be right and others wrong. For example, general thought that SW is the best direction for construction of building structure can be shown to be wrong with practical examples of buildings not in SW giving wonderful results. The video explains other vaastu precautions to be taken like checking of brahmasthan or the location of open space in building, the location of entrance, vaastu compliant building construction, etc. We explain how directions are not right or wrong but a person’s situation makes them so. Hence, easily treaty problems with customised vaastu during construction. 
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            SW is Not Best ForVastu workshop on 19th & 20th August 2017, Le MERIDIEN New Delhi Constructing Building Structure


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