Vastu Shastra for Toilet
03 Oct

Toilet Psychology | A Profound Experience of Toilet

In today’s fast world, many of us are suffering and battling with mental health issues. Every individual, be it someone who is 5 yrs. Old kid, a film star or a businessman, is battling with depression and some chronic stress. Being cynical, problems in terms of liquidity and another variety of diseases are some of the major issues people deal with. While we talk about depression, depression is a state that is defined by being in a state of anger, resentment, isolation and pessimism. We generally are not able to share our feelings with someone. Depression is something which varies in terms of severity though it has a lot of behavioral impacts also. There are a lot of chemical imbalances which activate in our brain. This is turn lowers down our energy levels and affects our thoughts, moods, sleep and our level of appetite — this a state where a person loses interest in everything he does. Most of the times, such a psychological problem generally arise around the space where we live. Anxiety, stress and depression all start from your home. Sitting at the dining table and finding it challenging to have a bite. Fear of losing a job, alarm of a stock market crash, worries related to the family. Many of you can be related to this. We carry such a heavyweight within ourselves with our mind churning, and our adrenaline pumping — a balloon of uncertainty, doubts and fears perpetuate in our minds.

Various anxiety disorders can include generalised anxiety, phobias, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). These are most commonly found among children, students and the anxious young job aspirants.

Sharp edge between Mental Health and Vastu Shastra | Vastu Shastra for Toilet

Well, the aura of the house marks an impact. Our surroundings and the environment in which we live affect our overall well-being — the interiors of the house, placement of different objects, every minute detail matters.

Depression is the latest hot topic in town. But what are the solutions for it?


If we closely watch all the stresses, pressures and anxieties are an outcome of the flow of negative energy around us. Our house and part of our house is not aligned with the universal energy system.
However, by following the Vastu guidelines, we become negativity resistant. We can feel happy, and there will be an aura of calmness, peace always within the area.

Let us see the bad impact of toilet in our homes
Vastu Shastra as per Date of Birth (DOB)

Every direction has its pros and cons. Let us closely watch some of them:

What is not good?

The set of directions which you must avoid include:

Toilet in NE and Toilet in SW direction: Strictly avoid North-East and South- West direction as it becomes a drawback in your relationship, health and can hamper your growth. Also, the Northeast direction can exaggerate the health issues, even more, create negativity, the problem in childbirth.
Note: The various Neurological problems like brain hemorrhage, migraine, brain tumor are also caused due to disproportion of directions. Also, in the South West and North East direction, this is something which can create a huge impact. A person loses their mind. When a person is not in control, it can lead to drastic changes in oneself. A person starts to cultivate a criminal mind.

Cash Related problems

Are You Facing Liquid Cash Related problems?

There is a strong possibility of having vaastu dosh in SE direction of your home, because this direction control our liquid cash, and having a toilet here or any kind of vaastu dosh like wrong placement of things, architectural mistake, anti colour scheme, anti element things can leads liquid cash related issues in family.

Toilet in South-East Direction: Stress, anxiety and other disorders are developed if the Vastu is not in line as per it should be. This is commonly seen among teenagers and makes a significant paradigm among the youth. Excessive consumption of alcohol, being addicted to drugs are all signs of disruption in astrology and Vastu pattern. Also, in terms of South-east direction, problems are associated with litigation, problems in terms of liquidity followed up major health issues in females.

Let us have a glimpse of some of the others patterns:

1.) Cut portion: While, we don’t calculate and measure the fitments and placing of our house. Without our notice, we might dismantle the zone. There are different corners and zones in our home. There are specific zones which are marked as signs of happiness and fun. If such corners are cut or weak, we will revolve around the same thoughts and won’t be able to refresh our ideas. Well, we can place a bunch of fresh flowers in a blue vase that can bring in new zest in our life.

2.) Mirror effect: In which direction is your mirror is placed also holds a vital role. Placing the mirror in the west and north-west direction can create a feeling o failure. Generally, the signs indicate poor performance and not able to meet the results. Removing or covering this mirror with a piece of cloth can eradicate the problem.

3.) Photographs: Beautiful photographs surround all of our houses. However, we must note that placing the pictures in the zone of depression can aggravate depression. This means you are inviting more of trouble, so be careful with every little detail. In case if we have family photographs, we must avoid to place it too as the family becomes the reason for our low moods.

Some Daily Hacks or Vaastu Tips For Toilet

Adding some amount of sea salt in the toilet can help us to fight back the negativity. This will intune the overall environment of the house. Cleanliness is must. There is energy everywhere, and we attract the same power. In case if the toilets are not clean, or they are messy, it can create a severe problem.

  • Let us take note of an important concept

Yin –Yin energy is potent, and it is essential that it has to be balanced. Let us closely look at the definition of yin and yan. Yin symbolizes inward energy. Yin is directed as feminine, still, dark and negative. On the other hand, yang is characterized by outward energy that is hot, bright and positive yin and yang are the forces which complement each other. If yin is stronger, yang will be weaker. Yin can have some aspects of yang and also yang can have some elements of yin. For example, the combination of day and night. Similarly, we can conclude there can be no shadow without light. Often forces in nature coexist with each other in some form or the other.

  • Key notes

An important point to note is that, if the toilet is also situated as per the right direction, still a person can face issues. The placement of the mirror, wrong facing the toilet seat, all of these things can cause a severe problem. Even after so much of progress and study of medical science, many people are caught within the vicious circle of facing health issues. Even the type of luxury that is used holds a lot of value. The other lavish products are being placed in the wrong direction; placement, fittings can create problems. The installation, accessories of objects are also a reason than generate a lot of problems.

Colour can cause problem

Decorating our bathroom and making it look and feel energetic is what everybody loves to do. Typically, light colours are more suited in comparison to the darker shades to paint the tiles. Colours are magical, and they can soothe one’s soul. While we are in the bathroom, we are alone, and we can refresh and rejuvenate. Some of the best-suited colour combinations can be:

  • White
  • A mixture of white and black ( somewhat greyish tone)


The usage of dark colours like dark red, Blue or plain black.
TIP: Try and focus on light, subtle and pale shades when it comes to colouring our tiles.

What exactly we do?

Whenever you think and deal with Vaastu, we believe it is about numbers. Yes, you are correct, DOB plays an integral role. There are many other details when you talk about Vastu. We have Shri Naresh Singal, who is a Vastu expert. He is the perfect guide for all questions related to your life in association with Vastu.

About Vastu Naresh

Naresh Singal Ji is well renowned and globally recognized Vaastu expert. He is well- equppitted in terms of his expertise related to Vastu norms. We connect modern lifestyles with the ancient pearls of wisdom. He has conducted a lot of research and developed various Vastu practices. There are also several videos displayed over YouTube. There is a channel by the name of “Naresh Singal”.

What happened when Mr Naresh Singal Ji visited Cancer Hospital?

Many of us are trying hard and struggling for many years. With so much money being invested, and trying different odd of things, we feel stuck and helpless. Lately, there was research conducted by Naresh Ji. Cancer becomes a prominent disease now, and many people have become conscious and aware of it. He had visited 2-3 cancer hospitals, and as per research, a significant ratio of patients had their toilets situated in the north-east direction.

We must not ignore this fact and should pay close attention to the same. Why does not a specific disease cure? Don’t ignore the value of Vastu and your Date of Birth. The problems are not permanent and can be fixed. We guide people in terms of making changes in the current home (without any demolition) itself to make and feel a difference in their lives. Also, you can have a site visit by him for your residential, commercial or industrial property and you can also contact us and send the pictures of property layout design and Date of Birth to us. Mr Naresh Singal can view it, evaluate it and provide the following recommendations.

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