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27 Aug

Vastu Naresh

2 Days Customised Vaastu Workshop

(Based on Date on Birth)

Vaastoshpatey pratijanihyasmaan swavesho anmivo bhava Naha, Yatvemahi prati tanno jushsav sham no bhav dwipadey sham chatushpadey. –Rigveda

DATE OF WORKSHOP: 14-15 September

LOCATION: Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai (Airport)

By Shri Naresh Singal

“We can receive and cherish all the happiness and joy at the right very moment rather than a future point of point”.

With the hectic pace of modern existence, we are really coping up with the things and dealing with the day to day challenges. There are various questions which come up in our minds and they generally don’t have an automatic answer. You might procrastinate for things in future which lead you to being frustrated or empty from inside. I guess many of you can relate with this?

 Solutions | Quick Fix

Here we are going to provide you with remedies for all general based problems that we undergo in our day to day lives. The space we share and are surrounded by plays a significant role in our lives. Most often, we ignore it to give it scant importance. However, It is unlikely the case!

Making alternations offers us various benefits like:

We bridge you on creating a personal altar or a scared space in the home or office. Doing this is simple and comes up with a lot of benefits, such as:

1) It helps to create an environment of calm and inspiration.

2) You connect with yourself and your life.

3) You build a daily ritual that rejuvenates you the whole day

4) Build a relationship with the creator and align yourself with the spiritual law that will, in turn, support you.

5) The entire Vastu chart and closing are scrutinizing your date of birth. We will reflect changes in your house and life.

6) Get a clear Vision

7) Improvement in terms of finical stability

8) Get relief from financial debts

9) In case, you are struggling with bearing kids; we can help you fix with the same. With the help of using the modality of Vastu Shastra we can balance out the number as per the DOB and provide remedy for the same.

10) Lead a happy life and say goodbye to depression and sadness

11) Lower the level of stress and stay calm

12) Having an enriching and happy married life

13) Achieve high levels of success and lessen the burden of mental blockage.

The literal meaning of the altar means burnt offerings or Lord’s super. This means that we give back from our will to receive something better form the creator. The path of sun follows from east to west, which implies embracing the relationship between heaven and earth and living in harmony with it.

  • Creating a scared space in the home, garden or office is a perfect way to connect with the universe and our self. Also, you will gain clarity in terms of who you are and what you want to be.

The age-old science Vastu Shastra

  • We are offering a Vastu workshop which focuses on the concept of “Vastu implication with Date of Birth”. While we are dealing with Vastu, we put our primary emphasis on numbers. The date of Birth is one predominant factor.
  • The entire system is capitalized as a “Harmony management”.
  • We will teach you how we can manage the energy and use it in our favour.
  • We focus on promoting the well-being, peace and bring prosperity among the inhabitants.
  • We are going to cover the entire interior design, planning, and framing the structure of the house as per the directions.

How does the process work?

We can balance the entire house and reduce the impact of negative energy in the house. By balancing the five elements in the Date of Birth of family’s head and suitability of the property as per DOB can add a remarkable change.

Host for the Workshop

Also, this workshop will be conducted by the most renowned Mr Naresh. He is a Vastu expert and has bought changes in many lives. He is a researcher, logical thinker and a Vastu expert. He possesses his work with accuracy, honestly, diligently in serving his clients. He has a vast clientele base across different states and countries. Whenever you want to consult for Residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu or Industrial Vastu or Corporate Vastu, He is the first name that is recommended.

Who can attend this workshop?

Anybody can attend this workshop. From Students, House wives, Businessman, Architects Builders, Town planners, Interior designers followed by the Corporate executives all are welcome to be the part of this enticing journey.

What will be covered?

  • Embracing the journey of self-awareness and develop your intuition
  • Finding resolution and healing from the past conflicts
  • Remove the blockages and roadblocks coming in your way of progress
  • Cure for the sleeping disorders as per the date of birth
  • Unleash the creativity within you by making use of suitable colours and objects in the right areas.
  • To learn manage stress
  • Correct and reset the vastu disorders
  • Improve the family relationship such as husband, wife and child
  • Leading impact on your house with the significance of feng-shui plants
  • Grow your money fast by making few changes in the north zone
  • Ways to achieve your goals and targets with the help of customized vastu
  • Learn to have a better financial management. This will include reducing the burden of debt, control over unnecessary expenses etc.
  • Overcoming issues related to pregnancy
  • Selecting the suitable direction for your bedroom
  • Different zones to activate in order to bring more name and fame
  • Targeting on different zones and flourish your business
  • Understands the effects of a missing horizontal, vertical or diagonal line in a Loshu Grid on your home & property as well as the ways to treat it.
  • Learn how to tackle with the problems before bhumi poojan
  • Setting the ideal entrance as per the date of birth
  • Readjust and reset the different grids such as the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. Relating the concept of Loshu grid on home and property.

Loshu grid

  • Fill the gaps and change the earth zones. We can treat and c
  • Hange if the earth element numbers like -2, 5 and 8 are missing.

Loshu grid - 2


Let us have a look at what customers have to say:

1.) Hi, I am Sakshi, I had attended a Vastu Naresh workshop, and I feel very compelled and happy after having such an experience. I felt a change in myself.

  • I feel energetic and positive the whole day
  • I am also improving in terms of my work

I will advise all other people to go and have this valuable experience!

2.) HI, I am Sophie. I attended the Vastu Naresh workshop, and it wasa fantastic experience. The class is as easy to understand and very informative. It is not that hard, and we can easily make changes. I had used my own current space and had recreated it. While planning to open my new business, I was directly approaching to your goal with the shift in directions. I love it. I have also evolved as a person. I feel as if I am more grounded and connected.

3.) HI, I am Rohit, I admire the teaching style of Naresh sir. He is learned in his expertise. His compassion and urge to help other people reflects through his work. I can feel the growth happening both personally and professionally. 

Vastu Shastra is not new, and it is tradition being followed by many ages. It is like a body-health check-up. It is essential to keep our energies balanced. We apply Vastu Principles and creating a beautiful pace for you. A house which flourishes with positive vibes helps you to become more confident.

“Utilize the energy you have today to do the things! Things will happen and move in a flow. Keep up and Lead your Purpose! Or better be, be the lead”

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