Vaastu Services in Delhi

Vaastu Services in Delhi


Sarvam shantihi shantirev shantihi sa ma shantiredhi

May there always exist in all, peace and peace alone.

People long for peace, contentment and love, the place where we need it the most is our house since it is the place where we belong. Vaastu Shastra being one of a way to transmit passivity all over the universe can be considered as the most important aspect while building your house. Vaastu Shastra is based on various energies that originate from placement or construction of certain zones in particular directions. Energies like cosmic energy, earth energy or magnetic field of specific area affects the aura around us by changing the thought process.

Home is where our heart is hence to make our home calm and soothing is very important. When we look out Vaastu for residence or Vaastu for home, there are certain aspects that we need to keep in mind, for instance

  • The shape of founding stone
  • Interior of the house
  • Directions of doors and windows
  • Construction of various zones in particular areas
  • The color scheme of the house
  • Placement of various elements etc.

Also while considering all these aspects we need to keep in mind the DOB of the owner. It doesn’t mean that if you have constructed your house in a Vaastu friendly way then it will completely work for you. While practicing Vaastu guidelines for house one needs to be sure that the Vaastu suggestions for house are as per his DOB else despite having a Vaastu appropriate house, problems will occur. We at Vaastu Naresh make sure this doesn’t happen, we provide you with the best Vaastu tips and suggestion for your house as per your date of birth so that maximum positive results are produced and that too in short span of time.

Your house is believed to be your identity and on the other hand it represents your mental space so more and more calm your house is, more and more smooth your relations would be. Hence it becomes very important to plan accordingly. You need not to worry if your house is pre constructed, minor shifting or adjustments can do wonders to your family relations and can elevate all your worries no matter if they are related to your individual success or to the success of your family relations. Simple remedies can be done with a little addition to the interior of your house and we also make sure that the addition adds to the beauty of your house.

When we assist you, no force can restrain your house to achieve peace, harmony and serenity.

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