Vaastu Workshops in Raipur
25 Jan
Vastu Workshops in Raipur

Urla Industries Association

These workshop will enlighten you with the facts ”Vaastu is not same for all, True Vaastu is hidden in your Date of Birth”.It will be focused on Industrial Vaastu based on the principles of Customised Vaastu.He will explain how Vaastu matters to an individual and how things change as per your Date of birth, nature of profession and business.
Vaastu Workshops in Raipur

Rotary Club of Raipur Cosmopolitan

Highlights Of Workshop

”Vaastu applicable without disturbing the present structure/demolition’

  • Get Name & Fame by VaastuNaresh’s Tips
  • How Earth energies & Date of Birth plays an important role in overall industry growth.
  • Things which should be present in a Director’s cabin as per their D.O.B.
  • How to maximise your production growth & Machinery Issue?
  • Improve cash flow.
  • How can any sick Industry/Unit be revived by Vaastu remedies
  • Business setup is not working well
  • Problems facing while passing loan & Government litigation problems
  • Labours accident on site
  • How meditation will remove your all hurdles.
  • Things which people shouldn’t donate.
  • Why our payments get stuck & how to recover it.
  • How to regulate client satisfaction & build up life long relations.
Vaastu Workshops in Raipur
Rotary Club of Raipur

Vaastu Workshops in Raipur
Vaish World Foundation

Some other topics can be discussed as per interest:


  • Issues pertaining to one’s health, personal relations, family.
  • Remedies to ail mental tension & stress, illness and overcome depression.
  • Not getting attached with professionals and general clients

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