Vastu Tips for Staircase
02 Aug

As a general practice there are many floor levels in a building. As well as on the same floor the level or the height may differ. Stairs are used to connect each of them. A Staircase is a series of steps connecting different levels in a Building. In a House with more than one level, the Staircase will be used everyday, a number of times. Hence the Staircase should be comfortably designed for the users. The Staircase is usually accessed from the Dining Room.

Here the guidelines for the Staircases explained as per vaastu. Since, the guidelines explained here will enable us to be ready for the time-consuming task of construction of a House. As Vaastu is a science, there is logic and reasoning behind every guideline. As a Vaastu Expert, I have attempted to explain these guidelines rationally and scientifically, so that you can decide what you want to follow and what you don’t.


As per vaastu the staircase should always be in the South-West, South or West pat of the house. In vaastu the stairs build in the North-East side of the house are considered as the source of cancer.


As the basic principle of slope in vaastu the first flight should be from East to West or North to South.

The staircases should always turn clockwise in direction when turning into the next    flight.

There should be an odd number of risers in a staircase such as 15, 17, 19 etc.

As per vaastu the circular or spiral staircase should be avoided.

The space under the staircases should not be used for what so ever purpose.

The light colours should be chosen for the area of staircase.

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