Vaastu Tips for Apartment
23 Jul

Vaastu for Flat

Due to the reason that available space is less and there more families to live Apartments have now become a common sight in the big cities.

Such buildings may be populated by a large number of residents in a limited space due to economical reasons.

Vaastu principles related to the land are equally applicable in this case. The selection should be as per Vaastu principles. In construction of Apartments attention is not only required in shape but also in the location. East or North facing plots are best suited for apartments.

Open space should be left on all four sides of the building. There should be enough space left around the building. More open space towards North and East side of the Building as compared to south and west sides.

As far as possible the main gate should never be in South-west zone of the plot. The height of the main door to the building should be more than the entry doors of individual units in the complex.

A rectangular plot of side ratios between 1:1 to 1:2 are best suited for the purpose. Constructions on such plots is auspicious and is beneficial not only to the owners but also to the occupants who rent or buy the commercial units in such constructions.

Slope of the land should be from south to North and West to East.

Open area in North or East should be used for parking and park/lawn etc. Two separate gates should be provided in the complex for exit and entry.

All the floor in the building should be able to receive sunlight and fresh air.

It is advisable to construct stairs in the south or west zone of the main building. Stairs in north or east portion of the building are not auspicious. Lift and staircase must be adjacent to each other as much possible.

Over-head water storage must be in west direction whereas underground water-storage tank can be any where in north or north-east. Bore well can be used in North or East or North-East of the complex.

South-west should be higher as compared to the rest of the constructions.

There should be enough ventilation to each flat of every floor. Kitchen in every flat should be in south-east corner.

Toilet and bathroom in each flat must be built in the south or south-west direction.

Length and breadth of each flat should be exactly equal i.e. the flat should preferably have a square shape.

Without blocking the south-east corner, the generator, electric switchboards, transformer etc. should be installed outside the apartments in that corner.

There should be no plants or trees exactly in front of the main gate. If the trees are used in garden or open area, tall and dense trees should not be near the building. They should be such planted that their shadow does not drop on the building till 4 pm in evening.

Playground and garden should be in the north or east side of the apartment.

Balconies too should be provided in the north or in the east.

The wall of the Security room should not touch the main wall of the compound.

Walls of the apartments should not be black, sky blue or red.

In construction of Apartments even if 50 % of Vaastu principles are followed, far greater benefit can be achieved for the inmates to live peaceful lives.


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