Vastu for Parliament
01 Aug

Is Vaastu Science only for restricted use at homes? Is it only for our Drawing rooms and bedrooms? A recent spate of developments in the country would say the contrary. Eminent Vaastu Scholar Naresh Singal explains how Vaastu Science has the potential to benefit the general welfare of Indians at large.

Vaastu now comes to the aid of the entire country. With our Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan’s new demand for a new Parliament House, it’s time to realize how Vaastu can positively affect us from the micro to the macro level. Still Confused? Let us explain!

Vaastu expert Naresh Singal’s study says that the current ills of our country such as stagnant economic growth, communal divide, political instability and a general air of disharmony can be attributed to the vaastu incompliant Parliament house up to some extent. Inaugurated in 1927 based on Herbert baker and Edwin Lutyen’s architectural designs, this heritage grade – I structure has inherent Vaastu flaws.

For example, the hemispherical shape of the houses prevents a direct line of visibility between the speaker and all the members which makes it more difficult to arrive at decisions harmoniously. Even the speaker’s seat facing south is inappropriate for someone supervising large groups of people. Most importantly, Naresh Singal points out the basic flaw – a circular shaped building on a triangular plot of land – a disastrous combination, as it puts the element metal on a shape representing fire. This could be a primary cause of heated discussions and discord within the house.

Not only the administrative roadblocks, but the tragic and fatal endings of some of our Prime Ministers while in office, such as Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi can also be related to the parliament house, which is led effectively by the PM. Even the seemingly dismal trajectories towards the end of Prime Ministers like V. P. Singh, Narsimha Rao, A. B. Vajpayee or Dr. Manmohan Singh could also be related to the Parliament’s defective structure.

If reconstructed, timely advice of Vaastu experts should be sought to mitigate or remove these flaws for a Parliament House which would ensure smooth functioning at microcosm level and general welfare at the macrocosm level.

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