Vaastu Ensures Good Health
25 Apr

Though it was found temporarily earlier but in last one decade it has become permanent in almost every household. I am talking about Medicine box. I noticed this recently when one of my followers asked me on social media – which is the ideal direction to keep medicine box in house.
“There is no ideal place suggested in Vaastu to keep medicine box. But yes, one must avoid keeping medicines in kitchen and dining area. Vaastu doesn’t tell us the ideal place to keep medicines rather it tells us the ways to live a healthy and diseases free life.”
Gastric, Acidity, Indigestion, constipation are some common diseases. One or another member in each household can be seen suffering with these ailments. The disease related with stomach is associated with the Centre of the house. If the centre of the house is defected, such problems will occur.
Try these –

  • Keep the centre of the house open and clean.
  • There should be no pillar in the centre. Also avoid to keep
    any heavy object in centre.

Stress, depression, loose temper, intolerance, aggression are another some common tendencies increasing rapidly. The fire element is responsible for all these. South-east of a house represent fire element and if this direction has any defect the members of the house will have above mentioned tendencies.
Try these-

  • Make sure that no extended or short corners in South-east.
  • If Possible use light colours in the above direction.
  • Do not install mirror in South-east.
  • Install Mirror or water picture on North wall.
  • Install a red blub in South-east.

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