B K Bansal
28 Sep

Additional Secretary-rank officer in Ministry of Corporate Affairs Mr. BK Bansal committed suicide in his apartment in Delhi alleging harassment and mental torture by senior CBI officials. His son Yogesh Bansal did also committed suicide on the same day. Not only this,just before two months his wife and daughter also hanged themselves to death due to same reasons.
Four suicides in a family! Whatever will be the legal outcomes, that is another thing or part of the investigations, but this is really shocking and astonishing. The family maintained high profile. All were educated. Mr. Bansal was out on bail in an alleged corruption case. Allegations or further proceedings might really make him depressed. But all four got that much depressed that they had committed suicides!
Apart from the legal and human aspects, there is something more which is really needed to know. Renowned Vaastu Vid Naresh Singal opines that defects in North-east, Centre and South-west of the house/apartment causes suicide tendencies for family members or sudden deaths.
Vaastu defects in South-east or South becomes the cause for such kind of allegations, litigations etc. Mismatch in 5 elements and moving Earth energies are such vaastu defects which can’t get the things settled. Thus if you got depressed, it will be hard for you to get out of the depression.
In such cases when you find that things are getting out of your hand, you need to consult a Vasstu professional without delaying. Vaastu corrections can help a lot in getting you out from the depression and the things will start improving. May God bless all of you!

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