Vaastu Connection of India and Israel
05 Jul

Is there any significance of Country’s National Flag in building powerful Relationship?

Can a National Flag matters in taking the relation high with each other?

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to Israel. Though relations between India and Israel have always been sweet. It is been expected that the visit by Narendra Modi will be helpful to make the relations between two countries more healthier.
You all may know that the Israel is second largest defence supplier to India. Not only this, India is the third largest Asian trade partner of Israel.
Warmness added to bilateral relations with some recent incidents, especially when India abstaining to vote against Israel in some resolutions in United Nations.

Egypt’s Pyramid playing a powerful role

I would like to share with readers that It is the Vaastu of the Israel which is responsible to bestowed this country such reputation and power. See, as per Vaastu South-West should be the heavier which makes the head or leader of the house powerful. Egypt (the land of pyramids) is in the southwest of the Israel. Apart from this , if u see the flag of the Israel, the symbol made on it is like Shree Yantra to some extant. And this gives the Israel status of powerful nation.
In fact Shree Yantra represent the natural power, ‘Aadi Shakti’.

Why India and Israel has a history of warm relations?

I am going to explain this as well. Whereas Israel has a kind of Shree Yantra on its flag, India has a wheel on its flag which is somewhere like weapon of Shree i.e. Sudarshan Chakra. And it can be witnessed that the two nations have a history of healthy defence deals which is expected to become more healthier soon.
I always say that symbols plays vital role in Vastu. These two symbols on India and Israel are the finest example for this.

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