28 Jul

We bring to you our 4 days weekend workshop on “Vaastu And Date of Birth Analysis”  8th- 9th August and 15th-16th August 2020. The workshop will be conducted on Google Meet. This workshop is designed in such a way that the attendees can further benefit and enhance their personal and professional life.

The classes will be based on the following subjects:-

1. Date of birth analysis:- In this you will learn how to analyse/assess the numbers in your date of birth and how to co-relate it to vaastu.
2. 1-9 number attributes:- Each number belongs to a certain element and has it’s own importance and significance.
3. Placement and room designing:- with the knowledge of this you will be able to redesign/restructure your rooms as per the date of birth of the individual.
4. Various plot shapes:- learn about various plots, their shapes and their consequential effect on your life.
5. Tips and remedies:- along with the elaborated lessons get quick tips and remedies to influence positive energy and good fortune.

The 4 days workshop aims to acquaint you with principles of vaastu, it will not, however, provide you with expertise of the level of a consultant as being a consultant requires dedication, practice and training, which can definitely be attained by our additional long term courses.

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