Vastu for Colors
02 Aug


The visible light energy of the sunlight is the combination of all possible colours. We see colour because of the reflection of the particular colour component of the sunlight by the object on which the light falls. When light falls on an blue object, it absorbs all the colours and reflects the blue colour and hence we see the object as blue.


Light consists of the seven primary colours Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Each color is associated with a particular part of our body and will affect us emotionally, physically, or mentally. Scientifically it has been proved that colours affect us. Our mood, health, happiness are all affected by the colors around us. For example, at times we like wearing bright colors, while sometimes we prefer to wear dull ones. This is why Colour Therapy has become popular these days. Various colours and their effect is explained for consideration:

RED colour represents power, vitality and zest. Red colour displays warmth and energizes our mood. Red colour is know to ignite passion and desire and is known to create excitement and enthusiasm for life. Red colour also represents fire.

BLUE colour is associated with nature. Blue is the colour of sky and water, hence blue is also associated with vastness. Where as light blue creates calm and peace in the mind of the beholder. This color is recommended for bedroom, meditation room or for a room designed for relaxing or sleeping.

GREEN is the colour of vegetation, so it represents growth. Green colour represents peace and harmony. Being the symbol of nature it is considered to generate calm and inner peace. This colour also represents mental intelligence.  Lighter shaded of Green are good for study room as it rejuvenates the ideas.

YELLOW is bright and energizing color associated with sun. It stimulates the brain cells and nurtures clarity of thoughts. Yellow colour is considered to enhance patience and wisdom in a person. Hence it is recommended for study room, office etc.

ORANGE is known as the colour of spirituality. Orange colour has the ability to stimulate appetite. It is known to enhance communication power, feeling of positivity, cheerfulness and interaction.

WHITE is the symbol of purity. This color has been recommended for ceilings as it reflects the light and brightens the room.


In the texts of Vaastu Shastra the use of specific colour for a particular direction and been associated with the deity’s of the direction. And every direction has a ruling planet, which in turn has its specific colour.

It is advisable to use the recommended colours for different directions to enhance good luck, health and wealth.

EAST direction is by the planet Sun. The recommended colour for east direction is dark brown which gives purity.

WEST direction is ruled by planet Saturn. The colour for this direction is recommended is grey which gives satisfaction and maturity.

NORTH direction is ruled by planet Mercury. The recommended colour for this direction is green as this gives intelligence and wealth.

SOUTH direction is ruled by planet Mars. The recommended colour for this direction is red which gives aggression.

NORTH-EAST direction is represented by Jupiter. The recomemded colour for this direction is yellow as it stands for purity.

NORTH-WEST direction is represented by the moon. The recommended colour for this direction is white as it denotes purity and wealth.

SOUTH-EAST direction is represented by Venus. The recommended colour for this direction is white which gives beauty, charm and luck.

SOUTH-WEST direction is represented by Rahu. The recommended colour for this direction is blue which gives courage.


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