Top Vaastu Consultant in India
08 Mar

We takes care to first analyse your problems and their relations to Vaastu. We then suggest you detailed suggestions on the lines of customised Vaastu. we also provide services like vastu for home, vastu shastra for house, basic vastu for home, indian vastu shastra for home, vastu for house, vastu tips for home, house vastu tips, tips for vastu shastra for home. Vastu For House,Get the best Vastu Tips for homes including vastu colours, Vastu Consultant in Delhi, Vaastu Consultant in Delhi.


As mentioned above our consultant suggests remedies suitable particularly for a person using his or her Date of Birth. For eg, sometimes despite the presence of vaastu dosh in a certain zone, its negative effects are minimised due to the presence of certain elements in his or her Date of Birth. In such cases, minimum or even no remedies are required. On the contrary, certain zones safe for a general person may have adverse effects on someone because of the lack of certain elements in his Date of Birth. That lack & the need of additional remedy can be identified by our consultant.

hence, our services provide a nuanced approach taking the subtleties of your Date of Birth, profession & the nature of your job into account.

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