Vastu tips For Diwali
12 Oct

These 15 Check Out Points Can Turn Your Time Good
Change your Time | Change your Life

This Diwali don’t just clean your home, make it a correct home.

1. Entrance: Our first step from the entrance to our house is a real moment to capture. From where do you set the Direction for the entrance matters? Well, South-West (SW) and South-East (SE) direction are considered to be the worst Direction. Must consult if you are having the main door in these 2 directions otherwise a big loss you may have to face because of these 2 directions.

2. Toilet Directions:

We all can do away without a toilet. North-East (NE) and South-West (SW), these 2 are the directions which can create a major setback. They can lead to financial losses, health issues, delays in work, relationships issues, child birth, brain cancer and other serious problems. We must fix it and correct our as per vaastu.

3. Cautions:
North-East and South-West are the two very significant and sensitive directions, having major Vaastu Dosh in these 2 direction, can cause trouble for the members who are living in this kind of house.

4. Your Capitol VS Anti Colour Scheme:
Every colour represents an element and in case if we choose a wrong colour scheme, then it may reduce the power of that element, and the result that you will get can lead a negative impact.

The North Pole and the South Pole, both are crucial.
North direction is related to Water Element, avoid colours like red, purple, magenta and other hot colour like this.
North symbolizes finances. In case of any disturbance, one can lose its capital and also incur a lot of financial losses. There can be a massive burden of debt and poor working conditions.

South Direction: While in the south Direction, avoid the blue colour. It can cause real harm. Low body energy, lac of fame, litigation problems, stuck in terms of payment can be some of the effects which can be visible.

5 .Master Bedroom Directions:
North-East and South-East are the two prominent directions. Both of these Directions are unsuitable for the couple. The NE direction is characterized by pregnancy issues, sleeping disorders and Child Birth issues. On the other hand, the South-East Direction is characterized by daily arguments, lousy sex life. In an extreme situation, separation can also be an outcome.

6. Mirror:
No Looking Mirror should be there apart from North, NE & East Direction You can hang Mirror on these directions only. Otherwise, it will be big trouble.

Mirror Direction: Mirror Mirror on the wall! Where shall I place you? Well, how many times we gaze at ourselves looking in the Mirror. Well, such an essential possession of life must be dealt with carefully.
Laziness, delay in work, health issues, financial loss, unnecessary quarrel between the family members and too many other issues can come to you if placed in wrong direction.

7 .Condition of our Electronic condition: Well, our electronic gadgets play such an important role. We don’t notice, but the little things hold such value. The state of the battery should be proper. It may weaken your luxurious life and increase struggle.

8. Many of us keep on pilling the old stock, and things start to clutter up in our house. For example, we should avoid keeping old spectacle, iron roads on terrace, useless machines, old clocks which are not in use, old shoes which we are not going to wear anymore etc.

9. Having Pooja Sthal apart from these three directions N, NE, E can give you too many problems.

10. Kitchen: Strictly avoid North-East, North or the South-West Direction. These are the three directions which are not considered to be a good sign in terms of family growth. Also, there can be a problem in terms of health and finances.

11. The SW portion should not be the lowest in your house in terms of Construction. For example if you are having overhead tank in northern zone, and half floor in northern zone then SW will be considered lowest.

12. There should not be any digging in the Southern zone like lift, water Boring, Underground Tank etc. This dosha can definitely bring big loss in terms of finance.

13. Shape & Size of the Plot: The Plot ration should not cross 1:2. For example, if you are living in plot. Which size is 30’X 60′ (30 feet width and 60 feet length) then it’s beautiful and under the Vaastu compliant home, but as it will cross 1:2 like 30’X 65′ this plot will become week, as the earth energies will not move properly. You will get fewer results for your efforts.

14. Store Room: We all love and accumulate a lot of things in our house. There should be no
storage room in North, NE & SE as Any storage in North & SE will affect your savings & liquid cash, store in NE can block your vision and creativity.

15. Avoid Darkness in Northern -Eastern zone.

These are the things you can do a self-check and recognize the problems and relate them with Vaastu of your home.
Though these are not sufficient, there are too many factors as per your date of birth, but at least you can save yourself for any blunder mistake at your house.
If you found something related to these, you can contact us for detailed analysis of your house and date of birth.
You can also watch Naresh Singal’s video on your YouTube.
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