Vastu Services in Delhi-NCR

Happiness is when you provide your services to others so that they achieve success. We at Vaastu Naresh take immense pride in announcing that over the years we have provided services all across the globe.

We also conduct various types of workshops in order to reach the natives and discuss a wide range of their doubts, problem areas, solutions and remedies for their problems. Also the remedies or solutions suggested by us are based on principles that are tried and tested over centuries.  In nutshell, we provide you a way to prosperity and help you achieve immensely positive results in every field… in every venture.

Vastu Services in Delhi NCR
For your personal progress, the following services can also be provided –
  • Your Date of Birth analysis.
  • Suggestions for boosting your career and business.
  • Remedies if you are facing health problems.
  • Auspicious colour schemes for you and your house.
  • Auspicious objects to be used/ displayed at home in particular zones for prosperity.
Our services will include the following –
  • Remedies to be suggested as per the present Vaastu Dosha.
  • Suggested remedies will minimise its negative impact.
  • Working on aspects which will increase beneficial zones.
  • Additional remedies suggested as per your Date of Birth (E.g. Head of the Family) since your DoB impacts your life.
  • Balancing 5 elements of the house as per the presence of 5 elements in your DoB.
  • Remedies for missing elements and certain pattern effects in DoB which are creating problems.
  • Suggesting changes to keep your life smooth and energise surroundings of your house.
  • Suggestions for circulation of positive energy at home.
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