Residential Vastu

Residential Vaastu and Residential Fengshui

Residence is the most important part of Vaastu because it affects our personal and professional life.

Its a myth that vaastu can be applied only while we are constructing the property, it can be followed anytime.

Shape, size, level of construction, energies, interior exterior, surroundings and directions of each small and big things matters a lot.
sometimes problems occur due to our choice of interior which imbalance the element and due to that we faces tremendous loss.

Choosing right and suitable vaastu as per the date of birth of head of the family not only ensures growth but also open more options for earning and recollecting your sources and utilising your skills for your growth.

Most of the time our DOB has few very strong point in itself but we can not work on those point.
After consultation you will get to know about too many things which will help you to grow more in a right way.

Some Strong tips for Your Home which you can apply by yourself

For Money
Use Blue colour on North direction, you can also use North Wall of Your Drawing Room for this, people who love decorating their house with costly things they can use some canvas painting having smooth water waves in North Direction with a sailing ship.

You can use Ceiling Lights, and avoid red colored curtains or any other object having red, pink, magenta, purple colour in North Direction.

Avoid excess of yellow colour in North direction because yellow color will create anti element things here and it will destroy the benefits of North which are Money, opportunities and you may face hurdles in your career and your growth will be slow down.

For Successful Results of Your Efforts
Most of the time people and even vaastu consultant ignore North-West and West direction, due to which our works gets uncompleted and we did not get proper result of our efforts.

Always Activate your NW & West direction by using a grey colored Rugs/carpet there.
You can use White colour light and grey colour on walls. though too many remedies depends on your date of birth and profession but at least you can do these remedies, it will bring a lot fruitful things in your life. Use can use White and grey colour in decorative things like sofa covers, pillows, curtains etc. It depends on your interior choice and residence.

For Growth
Many of us get stuck in our life at point from where we find unable to expend our business or work, or people who are salaried they did not get suitable rank or promotion as per their caliber.
if 4 & 3 number is missing in your date of birth then this problem can be very common in your life, your growth will be delayed without any reason. May be you can not find proper way to reach your destination or goal.
Do these 3 remedies in East direction, use some plants(indoor) if you can keep big wooden show peace in your drawing room, use brown colored rugs or carpet.

Hang 42″X48″ mirror on East wall, use a red bulb in SE and it must be use on ceiling not on the wall. so that the light should fall on the floor.

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