Residential Vastu

Residential Vaastu and Residential Fengshui

Residential FengShui , an Old Chinese astrology, is centred on balance. It is all about the harmonious existence of the opposites that radiates positive currents in all that is around it. It is no wonder why more and more homes are adapting its ideals day by day.The proper colour scheme, the proper placement of furniture and wall hangings are an essential element in regulating the good chi energy within the house.The first thing that comes to one’s mind when the idea of Feng Shui  is put forward is of the Laughing Buddha, or the giant toad with gold coins on its back and placing them in the right position. Well this is not bad but people stop at this and wait for Feng Shui to get the rest done. Feng Shui is not this alone; it’s all about the relation of many aspects of the same entity. It permeates from your furniture to the cool of the walls and everything else in between.Feeling dull, lazy, weak, nausea and unexpected irritation are some of the reasons indicating the bad FengShui.You might feel cheerful and happy all day outside the house but once you enter, you suddenly start losing your temper and excitement. This is all due to the bad yin yang energy within the house.The principle of the art and business of FengShui design is very simple! It works on one thing alone and that is to do away with clutter. Once that’s taken care of then positive energy flows in and is beneficial to all that surrounds it. By taking away physical clutter like old calendars and broken show pieces, it brings in cleanliness and with that comes good health. There are also inner clutters like the color scheme of rooms. A trust worthy Feng Shui consultant can let you take care of all this. This brings about better bonds between the family members and can ever straighten the creases in a disturbed relation; the best of all is a restful sleep which is quite uncommon these days.

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