Rejuvenate your Relationship
10 Apr

A recent study reveals that four out of ten cases of extra marital affairs, divorce or Sour relations occur due to Vaastu defects. Couple spends their maximum time together at home. That’s why a house must be vaastu compliant to keep their relationship bond sweet and stronger.
If you are missing the warmness in your relations, you must try below vaastu tips-
 Most of the Vaastu consultants suggest master bedroom in South-west. I would like to cite that South-west bedroom doesn’t prove ideal for all the couples. If a couple missing earth element in their date of birth, their relationship suffer though the direction of their bedroom is suitable.
 Uses of Pink colour in North-east brings disharmony among family members.
 A bedroom in South-east weakens the bonding between couples.
 Do not use such paintings which reflecting sorrow, remorse, pity. Not at all in bedroom at least.
 Never decor your bedroom with God or goddess picture and demised.
 Instead you should décor your bedroom with romantic pictures, statues, love- bird or you can also install Feng Shui gadget Manderian-Duck.
 To put a large mirror in front of the bed has become a tendency now a days. Couple should avoid it.
 Keep your bedroom neat, clean and well organised.

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