What is Pyramidology

Know Your Pyramidology!

Everyone is aware of the Great Pyramids, the archaeological marvel which is an integral part of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. But not everyone is equally aware of the curative and beneficial effects it has. The science of pyramidology uses ground and cosmic energies as its founding principle. Hollow from inside, the pyramid structure is such that the energy is concentrated at its centre. Thus the geometry becomes the storehouse of energy force field and interacts with earth’s magnetic field which in effect has effects on the surroundings and people in it.

Why Do You Need it?

A striking property of pyramid is that its frequency is common with the elements of carrier wave which essentially means that it has the power to realign the elements out of symmetry back into perfection. Thus it minimises conflict and restores balance.

Irregularly shaped plots, dead factories or sick industrial units are a common problem for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Further, problems like labour indiscipline and falling productivity are also encountered in industries. The therapeutic powers of pyramids can be used to avert such inauspicious energies from the affected areas. Helpful in mitigating vaastu defects, especially in areas where new construction is not possible, pyramids control the plot’s magnetic field and restores balance. It is equally used to strengthen the sensitive or weak points of plot called ‘marm sthal’.

How Do We Help?

Because of its immense power, it is recommended to use pyramids under the supervision of experts. The finer details such as a particular slant, nature of ground or the degree required in pyramids, without which the entire process would be fruitless, can be missed by the common people. Consultants ensure that those tiny but very significant details are not glossed over ensuring maximum benefits.

Paul Brunton, the internationally acclaimed theosophist had noted that the pyramids “are microprocessors of cosmic energy”. No wonder then that now pyramids are being used for medical healing and spiritual therapy as well.

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