10 Apr

Taking us back to the Vedas. where we were taught about the lands been divided into.
1. Brahmin Bhumi.
2. Vaish Bhumi.
3. Kshtriya Bhumi.
4. Shudra Bhumi.

Bhumi/Land has a major significance everywhere at place of your residence and work. Even in the battle fields of Kurukshetra had it’s impacts but “Like the way Krishna paved the path of Pandavas success over the huge army of Kauravas.” Our work is to guide you in the path that ensures thy none of your hard work goes in vain and help you overcome your obstacles and attain success.
After the evolution of humans we have lost touch to what our ancestors have taught us from The Vedas.

In today’s world everyone is busy in their profession as we seek to prosper in it.
* Have you ever wondered how your efforts are not as fruitful as your competitors?
* Why always after giving in all your hard work you are still not able to achieve desired result?

Our aspiration to achieve new heights is secretly hidden in THE VEDAS. In the form of “VAASTU”. Vaastu for an individual always differ with each their profession and the place of his/her residence. Like, vaastu of a doctor’s clinic and his/her residence will be different. Likewise, in case of a trader or an industrialist or an accountant etc. it will different.

Going into furthure details, by taking the date of birth of a person the hidden factors in the date of birth are explored. The numbers in DOB of a person belonging to a particular profession, have a different effect on their lives. The numbers themselves carry good as well as bad omens. They sometimes help and sometimes stop the growth of a person in his personal and professional life. In case where such numbers act as a hindrance, remedies for the same can be done. Each number has it’s own vibrations which relates to all directions and 5 elements revolving us and the entire the universe and thus produces various effect and influence on the profession and place of residence one chooses. The vaastu according to your D.O.B and nature of profession plays a very important role in determining the success quotient of an individual through his entire life.

Therefore even though answer to attaining success by an individual is sheer hard work. An impetus to such a success can be achieved with help of vaastu.

we, with our expertise in Vaastu pave the runway to success for you.

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