Feng Shui Oldman
29 Jul


Filled you with Experience

It’s a symbol of longevity. It adds command, good luck in our life. In feng-shui there are three wise men who are lookalike but each carry a different meaning and they go by the name of Fuk, Luk and Sau who are immortal gods of Knowledge, Wealth and long life respectively. Out of these old men, Sau is most popular as it is the god of longevity and good health. It is very important to take in consideration of the direction in which the old man can be placed. You will get more experience in very young age after placing it accordingly. As old people have good knowledge of living in the world. Now we can place Sau the Chinese God of Longevity many directions and ways to bring us his abundant blessings:

For health and luck for your family members, place Sau in the East direction of the dining room or living room. To protect the elders in your family from unnatural death, placing Oldman in their personal Tien Yi directions is said to yield better results.

It is auspicious to keep them in your home as it can direct the flow of positive energy in a way so that you can live a longer prosperous and healthy life.

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