Narendra Modi
31 Jul

For our PM’s 65th birthday on 17th September, 2015, the expert Vaastu consultant Mr Naresh Singal noted certain behavioral points about his nature and future after analysis his personal details.

The number 17 and 19 are involved in his birth date (17th Sep, 1950) which indicate a wise planner and one excelling at implementing those plans. The number 9 appearing twice in his birth date reflects his energetic temperament along with flair for creativity and adaptability which allows him to act according to the confronting situations. He can bring out the potential within people and get them to work according to his plans. Number 5 of his year brings out his confidence and the unique ability to pursue his aim till successful even in the absence of external help.

The absence of ‘6’ shows his struggles for his achievements and this is not lost upon any of us , for example, the stagnant economic and negative atmosphere under which he took charge of the country and the uphill movement of India from thereon. It shows his nature resembling a coconut’s that is compassionate from the inside and resilient from the exterior.

This 65th birthday will mark an important year post which he will touch new heights in terms of better decisions and administration, all of which will ultimately translate into good news for India.

We wish him a very successful and positive year ahead on his birthday!


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