Modi stated
04 Mar

“North-east is the most auspicious direction and a strong hold in the Northeast region of the Country will help to grow not only this part but the whole country” said Narender Modi while addressing party workers after BJP’s triumph in Northeast elections previous day.

I would like to take your memory back just before the time of demonetization. It was the time when India signed a deal with Bangladesh and resolved some territory conflicts. In fact this land deal strengthen the Northeast in India’s map which is really a big deal. And immediate after it did predict -Current Changes in the map will lead hard decision for the country and world would see India as well as Indian PM stronger before ever. Either demonetization or surgical strikes or BJp’s historical wins all are the evidences.


  1. Hi there! Such a great write-up, thanks!

    Ignacio March 16, 2019 Reply

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