Feng Shui Mirrors
24 Nov


Doubling the Power or Effect of Anything

Mirrors are very helpful in doubling the power or effect of anything. So, when the mirror is placed in a good position, it automatically gives positive effect. On the other hand, if it is placed in wrong direction, it may create huge suffering and misfortune. Mirrors are even used to decorate several house and commercial places. However, while using a mirror, it must be noted that it should be kept in a correct and apt position. There are some specific locations where the mirrors should not be kept ever. Placing the mirror in such places creates huge trouble and misfortune in the household.

So, it is always advisable to take a proper guidance from an expert in the field of Feng Shui before keeping any mirror in any household or in any office. Once the mirror is placed in a perfect position, then it is for sure that good fortune will come automatically. Properly placed mirror can give a person good health and wealth also. Hence, a person should consult a Feng Shui expert before he/she wants to do the interior decoration of his/her house.

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