Vaastu tips for Mental Tension
02 Aug

Mental Tension and Strife – Vaastu Defect

Everybody wants comforts in life. One works hard to achieve very this comfort. One earns money and constructs a house which one calls a dream house. Architect is consulted while making a house. He can build for you a beautiful ventilated strong house in right ratio. It is must to consult a vaastu expert and to know the vaastu principles, for proving this a lucky one.All the ten directions have great significance in vaastu. But North – East and South – West directions are the most vulnerable. As in a human body each and every part has its own importance but head which encloses brain – giving direction to whole system of body, and foot – giving base to whole body, are the most important, likewise North – East is the head, and South – West is the foot for house. If any house has defect in North – East and South – West direction, its chief and the family are surrounded by mental tension and Points needing care in building :-

– North – East corner should not be cut off. It may bring check in progress, and money and offspring loss.

– North – East corner should not be in round shape.

– North – East toilet holds the diseases.

– If bed room for newly married or adults is located in North – East, it may impede generation – growth or cause mental or physical disability.

– Stairs in North – East direction, may cause money and health loss, debt may go high into insolvency.

– If kitchen is in North – East, it may cause heavy expenses and mental agony.

– North – East may have worship place.

– East may have study room.

– North – East corner must be kept open lighten, neat and clean. It will cause name and fame and prosperity.

– In North – East direction drinking water or pitcher etc. can be kept, a hand pump can be installed, an underground tank       can be built. If there is flowing water in any form in this direction, there is prosperity.

– House facing North – East is auspicious.

– The water outlet for the whole house should be in North – East.

– A Basil plant can be kept in North – East. This direction can have small plants and plant bearing flowers.

– Extended North – East helps generation growth and issue –comfort or happiness.

– If basement to be constructed, North East corner is the best.


As the North – East is important, so is the South – West as explained under :-

– South – West should have chief’s bed room.

– South – West is the best for stairs.

– South – West corner must be at height, heavy and must be at 90o angel.

– Always avoid constructing drawing room and temple in South – West.

– South – West must not have bathroom, toilet boring etc. There should be no slope or ditch either in South – West.

– Any defect in South – West affects chief of the family, He may have to face a high crisis.

– May it be factory or house in South – East direction, no residence for employees or officers should be arranged in this direction.

Vaastu directs for a harmony among natural elements. Even modern science endorses many of them. If South – East or South – West has any vaastu defect, get is removed at the earliest, and get blessed with a happy and prosperious life.


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  2. If toilet is in southwest from earlier days and if it will be impossible to remove from the side then what is the other tips to avoid bad affects ?

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