Feng Shui Magpie
29 Jul


Brings Opportunities To The Newly Settled Business

Birds are considered as a powerful symbol of constant hard work, freedom, divines and opportunities. Just like birds are inspirational in real life it plays an important role in Feng Shui as well.

Magpie, is said as a symbol of joy, prosperity, happiness and celebration. Usually the image of magpie is taken of building nests. So, this gadget of Feng Shui is idealistic for those who want to build their home and want to settle down. In Feng Shui, this bird is also shown association with marriage, happy household and children and family. It also brings endless opportunities to the newly settled business.

According to Chinese culture, Magpie is considered as a symbol of auspicious omen. It also brings new opportunities, brightening up your future, mark of any beginning, whether it is new job or new marital life. This Feng Shui gadget is also used as a symbol to remove barriers and obstacles in life. As this is a bird of happiness, if it is placed in newly married couples bedroom or home, it brings sweetness and love in their relation. It connects and strengthens the love and relationship. It is said that this bird connects earth to heaven and hence it also promotes love affair.

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