Lift in Wrong Direction Stops life to Excel
10 Mar

It’s a common trends of Modern Architecture to keep the stairs and Lift in same direction. This might be suitable from Interior point of view but Vaastu denies for this. Vaastu suggests separate direction for stairs and lift. If Lift is situated in wrong direction it stops the life of inhabitants to excel.
Let’s know the points to keep in mind while selecting the direction for the lift.

  •  Lift represents depth as well. Thus it should never be constructed in South. A lift in South direction will paved the path for indignity, financial losses, and will put you in the helm of problems.
  • South-east represents fire element. A lift in this direction will become the cause for litigation.
  • West is associated with pleasure, peace-prosperity and business. A wrongly positioned lift in West can diminish your business and can left you restless.
  • South-west is the worst direction for the lift. Finance or business, relations and health, you will find yourself defeated on all the fronts.
  • It’s a really tuff task to shift the lift. To avoid such situation, Vaastu has the provisions of remedies. But these remedies can be varies as per the direction of the house, position of the lift and few other things.

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