Learn about Prana
18 Jul

Get your life problems predicted and solved by learning Customized Vaastu

Mr. Naresh Singal, a well-known occult scientist will impart knowledge on Prana-the life giving force and how it needs to be balanced to attain harmony. In a 2-day workshop, which is going to be held at Le Meridien Hotel in Cannaught Palace on 19 and 20 August 2017, you can learn how to attain peace and prosperity by simply following vaastu rules. You can fetch the detail about this event on almost every popular social media site. Name it whether it is Facebook or twitter or Mera Events. The chit price has been set to Rs. Twenty One Thousands Only.

Learn how our date of birth helps us to know our ultimate goal of life and we can achieve that without putting any extra efforts.  Politicians, Actors,businessmen,brokers,casino owners,teachers all have a very different nature of professions and hence lives are also different.Customized Vaastu attends in their difference in nature of profession and accordingly suggests designs,patterns and suitably customizes the room design,colour and interior.

Mr. NareshSinghal,he has given numerous workshops on diverse aspects such as- profession, health and well-being,increased factory productivity etc.

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