We use to visit so many houses in our relations, in our friend circle and so on. It may be that some of them are living in 1 BHK while other may have 2 BHK, 3BHk or might have someone residing in a bungalow.

A difference can be in lifestyle and luxury but the basic required infrastructure is the same i.e. every house must have a kitchen area, bedroom, toilet etc. If you see, there are limited directions and limited basic residence requirements. And if you see it from the Vaastu perspective, you must question that if Vaastu makes difference then the results should be the same for the residents of a particular direction or house-planning. But is this really happen?

NO.!! It doesn’t happen.

You can understand it with few of the examples. See, so called Vaastu advisor suggests that master bedroom should be in South-west. Now, you need to take the case history of 10 such people who have their bedrooms in South-west. Do they have the same impact on their lives? Is their marital life is the same I mean, are they really living with love and harmony?

Same difference in results you can have if you take the case study of those who build a kitchen in South-east on the wise suggestions of their so-called Vaastu consultants.

Friends, a master bedroom in South-west does not suit everybody. Same with the kitchen and other such advisers which are not based on Customized Vaastu. In my so far career of 18 years, I had visited thousands of Houses, Commercial buildings, industries and I got the privilege to be the advisory for Parliament’s Vaastu.

Rather following general Vaastu I always insist on following Customized Vaastu which is only capable of giving you the expected results.

You would certainly like to ask what is Customize Vastu?  We have one thing which makes all the difference and that is our DOB (date of birth).  See, the main motive of Vaastu is to balance the five elements of given place whether it is a house or a factory. By following general Vaastu, you can balance the five elements but what about the same five elements which are in your personality i.e. in your date of birth. Customised Vastu Consultant takes the DOB of the head of the family or business organisation and then balanced the five elements with the land/ house he occupied.

Date of Birth is the key which reveals many hidden facts of your life, your personality, even of your destiny. This knowledge cannot be learnt in any classroom or by mere attending few classes. This is something which you can learn by practice, the practice of being pious, being connected with the soul, and being connected nature. Some people think that this is all about calculations.

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