Invest in Navratra
26 Sep

If you are planning to buy house, shop, office etc. then this is the ideal time to invest and fetch good returns. What all you need to keep in mind that the property you are going to invest in must be Vaastu friendly. High-rise apartments are the hot trend in property. Wherever, there is a class who believes that it is more auspicious to buy land than an apartment in high-rise building. Land has energy of magnetic field- this is the reason they cite. It is a fact. The more nearer you are dwelling to Earth, the more you are getting the advantage of Earth’s magnetic field. But to live above earth in a high rise apartment, is not at all a drawback rather it has equal advantage. When you are dwelling into a high rise building, you get the advantage of cosmic energy.Also remind that the, the property you are going to invest in should have a heavier South-west than North-east.

If you have an option to invest in such a property which is surrounded with water bodies, it will be an ideal one to invest as it invites prosperity. To keep this principal of Vaastu in mind many of the builders create artificial water bodies like swimming pools, ponds etc. surrounding with that property.Flowing water in the North of the property is always auspicious. One should give priority to invest in such a property. Navratra is also an auspicious period to sell property and book profit. The five elements of the property you are planning to buy need to be balanced with your date of birth.

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