Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vaastu

Industrial Vaastu is said to be an easy and technical way to prosperity, fame and goodwill. Vaastu for industry helps you grow with an unmatched way and in no time your industry achieves desired results. There are numerous aspects that one needs to consider while mounting Vaastu guidelines for industries, say selection of site, plot shape, direction etc.

Industrial plants occupy a hefty piece of land and the shape of these plots plays a vital role in determining whether the industrial plant would be a success or would collapse, even large scale industries have seen massive breakdowns due to minor Vaastu doshas.

Fall outs appear in an industry because of its plot shape, size or disturbed energies. Irregular or Vaastuinappropriate shapes like triangular, hexagonal or star shapes of industrial plots affects the important zones of progress also extended or torn corners, T points or dead ends etc land the owners in numerous problems like

  • Heavy debts
  • Labor problem
  • Less productivity
  • Expensive machinery cost
  • Rejection in orders
  • Networking issues
  • Litigation problems
  • Or in worst case even bankruptcy

Type of Industries visited by Shri Naresh Singal.

We at Vaastu Naresh provides Consultancy for all types of industries, plants & mills across the globe.

More than 1000 industries/ business giants has been benefited by Shri Naresh Singal.

  • Sponge Iron
  • Billet
  • Ingot
  • Steel Plant
  • Furniture Factory and many more
  • Sugar Mill
  • Forging Industries
  • TMT Bars
  • Brick Kiln (Eet Bhatta)
  • Automotive
  • Textile Mills
  • Coal Mines
  • Chemical Industries
  • Plastic Moulding
  • Dal Mill
  • Rice Mill
  • Agriculture Industries
  • Shoes Factory
  • Auro Water Plant
  • Waste Management Plant
  • Carbon

The plots not having appropriate Vaastu for industry require treatment as the energy flow is drastically disturbed in such plots and no fruitful production takes place in such firms.

With the guidance of renowned Vaastu consultant Shri Singal at Vaastu Naresh we have remedies for sick plants. Even dead units are now running successfully with tremendous goodwill in market and these firms have great production value now.

Vaastu Naresh’s remedies for industrial growth bring remarkable positive results in the favor of industry as well as the owner. Some changes as per the D.O.B of director are when merged with the principles of Vaastufor best product quality, the results are not only gratifying but also assure long term success in industrial field. Vaastu for better production value bounces the existing value with a remarkable multiple; with these handful changes one can easily acquire desired results in a short span of time.

Industrial Vaastu consultant Naresh Singal who is globally known for his proficient Vaastu consultancy has given his perceptive Vaastu suggestions for industrial firms to more than 1000 industrial organizations all across the world. His scientifically proven and applied Vaastu tips have helped people prosper in real quick time. Having done Vaastu appropriate changes no force would be able to let your industry down and no circumstances would be less enough for your industry to prosper.

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