The trending topic on all the Social Media, now days, is the next president of India. The fight for the presidential seatis in between NDA candidate Ram Kovind and UPA candidate Meira Kumar.  Usually the fight for the presidential seat have always been one sided, but this time there is a different scenario. And the curiosity you can feel around is not lesser than the presidential election for White House, America.

Though, it is being predicted that Ram Kovind is the favorable one for the position, but Meira Kumar is also a stronger opponent. To know that who will wear the crown, we should keep mum and wait for the result. But till than what I can predict for sure that Country is going to have a stronger president after Sir, Abdul Kalam.

I have few reasons for my above prediction. Mr. Ram Kovind and Meira Kumar both have almost similar elements in their date of birth. Mr. Kovind’sdate of birth is 1-10-1945 and Meira Kumar born on 31-03-1945. Both have a strong influence of Jupiter ( Brahspati). Jupiter governs person generally choose teaching, Law, Politics and such like fields.  It can be seen from their biography that both had been from law background.

Triple 1 in the date of birth of Mr. Ram Kovind makes him a good speaker/communicator. Both candidates have the elements of 1 number.  4 number in their DOB makes them target achiever and laborious. But if you compare both of the date of birth, Mr. Ram Kovind can prove a stronger candidate. He is 1st October born and number 1 represents the Sun. Though he is a bit emotional, and has strong inclination or interest in spiritualism, but these aspects of his personality make him stronger enough. No doubt, that if he wins, he may take some stronger decision. Ms. Meira Kumar is lesser emotional but a practical leader.

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