I phone 8
13 Sep

There are huge fan followers of Shahrukh Khan, there are fan followers of Salman Khan or Katrina Kaif, but if there is any non living being which has billions of crazy fan followers, that is nothing else but Apple the I phone. 
Apple lovers are excited with the news of launching of all new version i.e. I phone 8.  It is going to Launch in US. Us is the land which is represented by planet Saturn. Us is the Land of Technology as India is the Land of Knowledge and wisdom which is represented by Jupiter. In same way America. The Land of technology is represented by Saturn. 8 number is also the number of Saturn. And my friends Saturn is an ideal planet for the electronically goods. 
Though there are hardly any doubt about the demand of I series phones, but i can say surely that I phone 8 is gonna to have wide popularity. Either shape, size or feature, everything will lure the customers. At last I would say best of Lucy to Apple 8 and off course to its livers as well.

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