Navratra-pooja more fruitful
26 Sep

Vaastu Shastra has various guidelines for worship (pooja). What is the ideal way for navratra-pooja, lets learn. Though maximum houses has a worship zone (pooja-sathal). And the houses don’t have any pooja-sathal, they usually arrange one for Navratras. North-east (Ishaan) is the ideal zone for Pooja-sathal. If not possible in North-east, you can choose North or East.

Do not keep ancestors, deceased person’s photograph in Pooja room. You can install such photographs on South wall.

Now days it has become a common trend to install big idols in their worship rooms. One should avoid installing big idols more than 8 inches. Always use fresh flowers, leaves and water while doing pooja. Gangajal and basil leaves are the exceptions to these. Burned, dried or broken flowers shouldn’t be offered to God.


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