Modern Interior
04 Dec

People who believes in Vastu but do not know much about this science, they believe that vastu remedies requires demolition or major amendments in present structure. This is not true.

Vastu solutions are not done through demolitions only. And customized vastu makes it easier. Not only you may avoid demolition for vastu remedies but even you need not compromise with interior of the house as well. Rather I would say, modern interior is too much handy from vastu point of view.

What all need to do is to know the supportive and missing elements in the date of birth of head of the family. Use of four ceiling designs, curtains and sofa set colours , shape, sizes and colours of other such objects as per the date of birth of the head of the family. If utilizes properly, it can helps in balancing the elements of your date of birth with the weak elements of your property.

This can help you in ensuring peace, prosperity and sustainability.

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