ideal Entrance
04 Dec

Most of the people build or bought house for them either once or twice in their life. When they choose their property, they are very cautious for few things. One among them and which is most important is the Entrance of the house.  Is the direction of the Entrance that much important for the dwellers or is it mere a practice with no significance?

Maximum of the people believe that East facing entrance is the best one while other opine that South facing entrance is the worst one.  Is this really so?

No doubt, Entrance matters a lot. Neither east is an ideal direction nor is the South worst one. East, West, North or South all can be good in a case or all can prove worst in another case. In general all directions are good and no direction is bad.

What differs or put impact is the co-relation between the properties of house holder’s date of birth and the direction of the entrance of that property.  In scriptures there are 32 main Entrance have been mentioned. Out of these 32 only 11 are said auspicious.  The ideal way to choose best suitable direction for your property is firstly know the elements of your date of birth. It will help you to learn the ideal direction for you. Thus you can choose the Entrance point in that particular direction which is matching with the one out of 11 auspicious Entrance points.

For example if 9 is present more than twice in someone’s date of birth, it shows that the person is led by fire element.  Sun is proceeding from East to west via south. You can suggest such person a south facing entrance. He should choose an entrance point from 11 auspicious entrance points from East to west, but again which is best suitable to his/her date of birth.

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