Feng Shui Horse
29 Jul


Get a Quick Life, Support from Various Sectors

Just like a horse, strong and quick, a Feng Shui horse is a symbol of strength in bad situation. A horse can be said as an idol for excitement, power and enthusiasm in life. Having a Feng Shui horse at home or work place can improve the career and business aspects.

It also brings strong affection in any relation. Just like a rider feels energetic while riding on horse, placing it in home will release positive energy and the members of the family may feel more energized. Just as a horse tackles any barrier easily coming in the way, similarly a white horse at your place will encourage you to fight against adverse conditions and reach the destination. It is available in different colors, so according to the situation you can select your color. Similarly, in which ever field you require support and encouragement, placing it in that zone will do the work.

It is even effective for working ladies. Its positive energy encourages patience in bad situations. Apart from this, it also encourages you to work hard continuously towards your goal. If you are a working lady then it is advised to have a picture of a horse at your work place as well. If you are working in partnership then placing image of horse in a group of 7, 9 or 12 can be very effective. This enhances your popularity in business and networking. Placing it in the Zone of NW will provide you support from Bank related issues and support from people.

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