Feng Shui Hippopotamus
29 Jul


Protects against Backstabbers, Cheaters and Frauds

Hippopotamus is a, bulky and heavy animal. It protects you against accident and bad health. This big bulky and powerful animal has an important aspect in Feng Shui as well. Many of the characteristics of this animal is quiet similar with that of lion and tiger. It shows some of its characteristics similar to elephant as well. With this, the gadget occupies its special place in Feng Shui world. This animal is kept as a symbol of protector against cheaters. It is good symbol if placed in house. Hippo protects the family members against fetal accidents.

It also protects the family members against backstabbers at your work place as it brings auspiciousness. A hippo at your place brings respect for you in the society. Placing it at the main entrance of your work place or home can prove to be quite effective, as you will see the effect that your enemies are soon turning as your well-wisher. If it is placed near your cabin, it protects you against unnecessary and unwanted work load. As a symbol of power, having a pendent or a ring of hippo can also be quite good. There are both single horns and double horn hippo available.

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