We extend our consultancy services to our diverse range of clients. Our visitations will include all segments from residential vasstu like flat, plot, farm house, bungalow, etc to commercial properties like airports, hotels, building projects, showrooms, malls and amusement parks, commercial complex, hospitals, banquets and even industrial vaastu like factory, mills and plants E.g. Iron mill, Rice mill, sugar Mill, forging industry, chemical plant etc. Our consultancy also includes advice based on the layout of the site provided. Along with above mentioned services we try our best to provide first and second alternatives if the primary solutions is unfeasible E.g. Suggestion of alternative direction or construction patterns. Further, we suggest possible remedies if the alternative do not suit the client. We also guide and work with the architect and interior designer in synergy and strive that no remedies involving demolition are suggested. For best outcome and customer satisfaction, we provide a chance to the clients to contact us to overcome any practical problems arising during construction.

Our general Vaastu consultancy services will cost from Rs 31,000 and can go upto Rs 1.5 lakh. Consultancy services for builder projects, commercial, corporate or industrial projects can also extend till Rs 11 lakh because of the rigorous nature of work involved. Client can contact us through telephonic, electronic or personal visitations means for an clarification or query.

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