Feng Shui for Fisherman
29 Jul


Brings to You Top Opportunities

Fisherman with a fishing pole is very good gadget to place in the wealth area of your office or home as it attracts wealth and prosperity.

You can also place pictures of water scenes, such as a fisherman bringing in a big haul of fish. Symbol of fisherman can enhance the cosmic chi around you to help increase your wealth as it has water factor in it.

According to Bagua, the wealth sector is southeast corner of the place. A painting of fishermen collecting fish can rejuvenate the energies of the wealth sector of your home and hence can increase the flow of money in your life. You should always keep in mind that the most important thing to generate the flow of positivity in your house without any obstruction is a clean space. So before installing any symbol in your house you should make it clutter free.

Fish, fisherman and water, all are strong symbols for strength, wealth and positive energy, so placing all of them in one go works wonders. Fisherman symbolizes satisfaction of getting what you wanted and so increase prosperity around you. It channelizes the power of water and fish to get the optimum results.

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