What is Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

Quite often we find people confusing Feng shui with the tokenism of placing a laughing Buddha or hanging a Chinese Fortune Bell from the doors. In Indian culture people are mostly unaware of the real practice of Feng shui, its enormous potential and rely only on using a few well know Feng shui products. But is that it? As experts and consultants belonging to this field, we can tell you that it is not so.

Feng shui actually is an entire system based on the principles of energy forces and the five basic elements. It takes chi energy or the active life giving principle into account. Feng shui thus consists of balancing those elemental forces which control our living environs as well as the place where we work.

We believe that by applying Feng Shui principles in your environment, your problems can take a favourable turn. Feng shui takes into account how the placement of objects at your home and office can affect the energy flow and this has an impact on your life.

How can We Help?

We bring to you the unique art of blending Feng shui with the personalised impact your date of birth has on it. Every element has an effect on you and your birth date has some dominating elements; the benefits of the missing elements can be treated by using the advised Feng shui principles which we offer to you. The impact of direction while placing Feng shui objects as well as the impact of your birth date ensures a more specific addressing of your problem as compared to the general solutions.

Feng shui divides the world into 5 basic elements and sees its equilibrium as the ideal state of existence –

  • Water – This element reinvigorates you with freshness and eases your mind from the daily hassles of life!
  • Fire – Spur your creative energies and attract success in your projects with the help of this element.
  • Earth – Stabilise your life and get the desired support with the help of earth element. It also strengthens your marital bond!
  • Wood – You can strengthen this element for a clear vision when life seems obfuscated. It further nourishes you and improves health.
  • Metal – Use metal for overcoming lethargy and enhance your productivity and efficiency!

Why Focus on Feng Shui at Home?

The Interior designing of a home, be it furniture, colour scheme, portraits, decorative items, etc, they all indirectly fall under the purview of Feng shui as all objects have shape and colour. Their wrong positioning or a mismatch in them can upset harmony of elements which can ultimately lead to unnecessary difficulties and delays at work. Remember that Feng shui products only make sense when they are being placed in a proper direction and manner! Wrong placement can also bring forth negative effects or imbalance in life.  So, let’s incorporate Feng shui in simple ways and with art work or your home tapestry, decorative items, interior designing, etc. Depending on what you lack, it will attract stability, prosperity and positive energy!

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We also bring to you practical and beneficial Feng shui resources, that is, we do facilitate selling of Feng shui products if ordered in advance.

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