Feng Shui for Elephant Symbol
29 Jul


Symbol of Wisdom, Royal Life and Child Birth

Elephants bring fame, symbol of having a kingdom and royal life. As an elephant is powerful, majesty, silent and kind. It helps you to build up a positive attitude towards work as this gadget helps to build up a sharp mind for business. Having a Feng Shui elephant at your place or work place may help you to be in a clean negativity free environment. Elephants are said to be the largest and the most bulky animal serving on the planet. With this gadget you will always find a helping hand from your family members, even in the most adverse conditions.

There are various elephant plethora present in market like ceramic elephant, toys, and embroideries to colorful photos. Any of this present at your place may do the work. With the symbol of elephant come good luck, wisdom, fertility and protection. An elephant made of ceramic or an image of elephant can prove to be a very good gift for various purposes.

A symbol of elephant is used a token of love and friendship. If a stature of mother and baby elephant is placed at your place it becomes a symbol of bonding between mother and child. If an elephant is placed on the desk where you work facing out, then it indicates good leadership quality and patience under pressure. If the elephant is placed near the cabin door of your work place, it becomes a symbol of wisdom and power and enhances your career path. So, with this gadget you can have a life, king size.

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