Feng Shui for Education Tower
29 Jul

Education Tower

Makes Students Way Clear Towards Their Well being

Education tower as a feng shui gadget is said to have some powers, which makes students mind towards their well being. It transforms the disruptive minds into disciplined ones. Its statue is same as of the shape of a Buddhist’s stupa, which is a sacred object of Buddhists.

The education tower should be placed on the students table in the east for concentration and focus. Placing it in the north will bring in job and career opportunities and would be helpful in building up students life. This will enable them to concentrate in their studies and will depart from distraction and day dreaming. It will also help in boosting up students confidence, will provide them power to face adverse circumstances and will increase interest towards studies.

The education tower is said to send messages to the heavenly powers and in return gains the power to effect and redirect students mind’s towards studies and good work. Before using this feng shui gadget makes sure what do you want to be gained from the same? Placing the tower with positive intensions and affirmations in your mind of being effective will make it work better. Try not to raise negative thoughts in your mind if you have decided to place an education tower in your child’s room.

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