Bullet Train Inauguration
13 Sep

Wednesday, the 13 September is gonna to become the historical date for sure as long awaited Bullet Train Project will going to become reality for Indians with its foundation on the above cited date.
I wish that this dream project of Narender Modi’s government may complete successfully. This train again will have the finest example of Indo-Japanese strong bonding.
If all goes well than the result would off course be well. But only the time can tell whether all goes well or not.
I have no doubt on the capabilities of Japanese and even no doubt on the intention of Modi Ji. My question. Is about timing. Both the countries have religious beliefs. It is Pitra Paksha or Shradha time in India. Generally, new beginnings are usually avoided in this period. It is also said that any work which starts in Wednesday goes slower. May god bless the Project bullet train, but the think tank and executive company should take care of all such facts as well. Or it may be that they already have taken care of this and it might be that for them the project has already been started on paper and early preparations. So all the very best to the Bullet Train project.

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