Dawood Ibrahim
02 Aug

In a recent class, a student ask Vaastu Expert Naresh Singhal JI, regarding the kundli of an unknown person, who is born on 26th December 1955.

In his predictions, Naresh Ji told that this particular person is fearless, courageous and can even dare to slap some official in a fit of rage. After a tough early life, things started falling in his stride from 1981. Naresh Ji’s calculations revealed an early marriage and large family for this man. He is a man of his own principles and does not like anybody’s interference in his life. He must be a man who operates his work from abroad and visits his homeland occasionally.

Naresh Ji predicted that in present this person must be suffering from stomach ailments and back problems. Last digits of his birth date are 55, which make him a person of number 1. According to the sum total of all the digits of his birth date shows that this person must be a notorious one! Despite being courageous, this person has always been surrounded by insecurity and he is not able to trust his close aids. This anxiousness would have increased more since December 2013.

But one revelation of Naresh Ji, left everyone surprised. He told that letter M has a special significance in his life. Now they announce that the person in discussion is none other than Dawood Ibrahim, who was born in Ratnagiri of Maharashtra. His wife name is Mahazabeen and his love interest was Bollywood actress Mandakini. His kids names are Mahrukh Ibrahim and Mehreen Ibrahim.

Internet search shows more of his ‘M’connection

It was M-factor behind Dawood’s entry in crime world. His mentor was underworld Mastan Haidar Mirza alias Hazi Mastane. Dawood was the mastermind of Metro Political Bank loot. He planned the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai during Babri Masjid Kaand, which turned him a murderer from a criminal. Muslim and Mujahiddin, two terms starting from M, are also associated with Dawood.

When surprised student asked how Naresh Ji could predict so much about a person just on the basis of birth date and why other persons born on the same birth date are not of the same nature and destiny, he just smiled and replied modestly that with time and dedication, they would also learn such skills!!!


  1. मेें आपके वास्तु शास्त्र ज्ञान से बहुत प्रभावित हुं बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

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