Customized Vaastu
21 Jul

If we consider Vaastu, two major trends have taken place in last two decades. One is positive while another is negative. More people have started taking interest and they get aware about this science, this is a positive one. More awareness generated more queries, more trust, more doubts, and more illusions. And this trend brings more practitioners in the field. In a result more doubt generates when people do not get the kind of results they expected after going through the Vaastu consultation.

Such people complaints, though they have gone for Vaastu consultation, but got no relief. There are plenty of such examples as well when people even shift their houses on the kind advice of their Vaastu consultant, but things were not turned around. It was the incident of last year only when a doctor from Pune contacted me. He was highly disappointed. He was disappointed not with so called Vaastu consultants but with the Vaastu science itself as well. He was facing some difficulties in his life and on the consultation of a so called Vaastu consultant, he shifted his house. The new house was also visited by that Vaastu Consultant and it was vaastu compliance. He disappointed when things were not turned around.

You would also ask the same question which was asked by him- if it was not Vaastu than what was the reason for his sufferings.  I replied that to cure diseases it is most important to diagnose him properly, only then you would be able to give him right treatment. If you cannot diagnose right, you can never treat him/her right.

In study of Customized Vaastu I always say that Vaastu principles do not apply equally on all. It is unfortunate that there are a few practitioners who possess knowledge of Customized Vaastu. In fact it is customized vaastu which able to give desired results. It is Customized Vaastu through which a practitioner can know the real causes of one’s sufferings or help him to achieve his destiny.

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